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“ISFFC garage party” along with “Limassol, post-development?” take a walk in town. This year we walk to Eleftherias Street towards the warehouses of EKA, through an area that is architecturally characterized by a continual building. It is a neighborhood, where all buildings are attached to each other, thus creating a comprehensive narrative of views and experiences.

As far as the dramaturgy, character and culture of the protagonists is concerned, the architecture, town planning, and the cinema?, have the potential to transfer a huge volume of visual information.


Nevertheless, in terms of story making and communication of information, the art of cinema can create heterotopias through the interaction of spaces and places.

Despite the exemption of the traditional town centers, our towns were built by applying the “all around free” model, which means that every single building should have a 3m non-built free zone around it. Nowadays they also tend to escape linearly to very high levels.


Come party and reconsider what kind of protagonists the scene of this town creates, so that we can bring to the stage an amusing, safe and sustainable future town renewal.

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